President’s Message

“We’re in this together.”

That sentiment has been used more than usual lately, as the world and each of our communities, businesses, and homes have been forced to deal with widespread health concerns and the economic and social ripples they have created.

Yet to all of us at The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton, that’s how we have always thought and acted.  By practicing Community Banking At Its Best, we start from the position that we’re in this together.  That’s what a community is.  People working, playing, shopping, worshipping, and living together.  That has been our credo for 120 years, and beyond.

In 1900, a group of local business owners formed Farmers National Bank in Emlenton, Pennsylvania, to serve the commercial interests and needs of neighboring merchants and farmers, who were not being paid the proper attention by the larger banks of the day.  How I wish those founders could see us now.  Not only would they be pleased with how our bank has grown and succeeded, but they would take added pleasure to know that we’ve done so by upholding their standards – offering great service, quality products, and by always remembering that it’s our friends and neighbors who make it possible.

We welcome you to this website and online banking portal.  We’re happy to serve you here, as well as through our personalized banking services at our branch banking offices and corporate banking platform.  On behalf of everyone at The Farmers Bank of Emlenton, thank you for your support.  Enjoy exploring this website and visit us often.

Great community banking is fairly straightforward.  We act prudently, gathering deposits and providing loans in the communities we serve. We volunteer time and funding to local non-profit and charitable organizations.  We offer safe, secure, and stable banking services to the community and create value for our investors.

Pretty simple stuff.  But many times, the simplest ideas yield the greatest rewards.  Especially when you realize that, after all, we’re in this together.

Very truly yours,

William C. Marsh

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer