Secure Email Center FAQs

Secure Email Center Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access secure send email?
    Click here to access Secure Email instructions.
  2. How do I set up and send a secure email to a bank employee?
    An employee must send a secure email to your email address to gain access to the secure portal.
    If you need to send a secure email to a Farmers National Bank employee and do not have a username and password established, please send an email to to request access to the portal.
  3. What is my user ID?
    Your User Id is always your receiving email address.
  4. How do I reset my password?
    Please use the “Forgot your Password” button on the website then follow email prompts to reset.
  5. How to send secure messages to a bank employee?
    Once you have gained access to the system, click “compose” to write and send a new email to a bank employee.
  6. How do I respond to a bank employee requesting information be sent securely? 
    You will receive a secured email notification directing you to log into the secure portal to review/respond/send a secure email.
  7. How do I re-access this system later?
    You are able to revisit the secure portal by clicking the link below or by using a previously sent secure email notification.
    Click here to access the Secure Email Portal
  8. How long will my secure emails remain in this system?
    Email messages do not expire. They will remain in your inbox unless you permanently delete the files.
  9. What do I do if I need to send something secure and do not know who it goes to?
    Please contact your local banking office or a branch nearest to you to learn about how to safely send us your sensitive information.
    Click here to view our branch locations
  10. Can Linklive be used on a mobile device?
    Absolutely. On the secure email portal, click “mobile mail interface” to activate mobile version.
    You will notice the log on page for a mobile device may differ, however, the process remains the same, please proceed as prompted.
  11. What will happen to my email if I send it unsecured?
    If you send a sensitive email unsecured to an employee of The Farmers National Bank, it will safely be discarded to protect your personal information. The employee in receipt of the message will contact you directly to enable you to re-send the information securely through this portal.
  12. What if I want to use my own secure email system?
    No problem. We will accept secure emails from any secure portal.
  13. Who do I contact with issues using the system?
    If you need to send a secure email to a Farmers National Bank employee and do not have a username and password established, please send an email to to request access to this portal. Feel free to also contact us at our Customer Service line: Toll-free: 877-862-9270 Option 0.
  14. What if I inadvertently log into your previous secure email system known as Hightail?
    The website will continue to allow you access to the previous secure portal; however, no attachments will be able to be sent. Please log out of this system, remove the website from any favorite listing and replace with our new secure portal.
  15. Examples of but not limited to sensitive information that is required to be sent securely:
  • Social Security Number/Tax ID Number
  • Account numbers
  • Financial information:
    • Personal financial statements
    • Tax returns
    • Business financial statements
    • W-2 documents or pay-stubs
  • Borrowing base certificates
  • Loan payoffs
  • Loan documentation
  • Tax documentation
  • Any document containing non-public information