Student Banking Overdraft Program

Avoid overdraft charges with the following programs:


Overdraft Privilege Program1

  • Put your mind at ease knowing that your account is protected and fees associated with returned checks are reduced with our Overdraft Privilege Program.


Deposit Overdraft Program2

  • Use the money in your Farmers National Bank deposit account to protect your checking account from unplanned overdrafts. Our Deposit Overdraft Program assists in avoiding overdraft and returned check fees.

Information on Overdraft Programs


Overdraft Privilege Program: all overdrafts will be subject to a $37 overdraft fee. Funds and overdraft fee must be repaid within thirty (30) days. This service represents a purely discretionary privilege or courtesy we may provide to you from time to time and which be changed, withdrawn, or withheld by us at any time, without prior notice, reason, or cause. The Bank will authorize and pay overdrafts on the following type of transactions: checks, In-person withdrawals, and Preauthorized Automatic Transfers, Internet Banking and ACH payments. We do not authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions unless authorized by the customer: ATM transactions and Everyday debit card transactions. 

2 Deposit Overdraft Program: Funds in customers’ accounts that are linked to the overdraft program will automatically cover any overdraft.